The Western Australian beef industry

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WA has a highly efficient transport system for live cattle, boxed beef and commodity products.

In Western Australia cattle are routinely transported over long distance by road

Cattle are routinely transported over long distances by road from pastoral areas of the state to agricultural properties, feedlots, abattoirs and ports.

In remote areas ‘road trains’ with double deck trailers are permitted and allow cattle to be transported safely and efficiently over long distances.

Smaller combination trucks are used to transport cattle from farms and feedlots to abattoirs and ports in southern regions.

WA has a number of ports that are suitable for exporting both live cattle and containers of chilled and frozen beef.

Fremantle is the state’s largest port and handles the majority of processed beef exports and a large proportion of live cattle shipments.

The ports of Geraldton, Port Hedland, Broome and Wyndham are also used for the export of live cattle.

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