The Western Australian beef industry

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Competitive advantages

Western Australia has many competitive advantages as a location for beef production, processing and exporting to target markets.

These include:

  • production of high quality, safe, traceable, eco-friendly, ethically produced beef
  • high cattle health status, free from major transmissible diseases, backed by supply chain quality assurance programs
  • availability of a large range of cattle breeds and pasture types used to convert the natural feed base into beef
  • size of the WA beef industry provides for relatively short supply chains ensuring a responsive capability to customer needs and product specifications
  • a variety of climate zones enabling reliable year-round supply from Mediterranean climates in the south to semi-arid rangelands in the Mid West to sub-tropical savannah in the north
  • production benchmarking provides reliable cost estimates for different production models
  • a safe and low sovereign risk investment environment with Australia ranked number five on the index of Economic Freedom World Ranking – 2016
  • long standing trade and supply relationships with Asian and foreign market customers that purchase approximately 70% of WA’s agrifood exports
  • shares the same time zone with many Asian countries.

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