Partnering for Customer Value - Patterns of Success

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The P4CV initiative commissioned 11 case studies profiling 14 agribusinesses in the horticulture, livestock, dairy, grains, seafood and processed foods sectors, across small, medium and large enterprises that were from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

The Patterns of Success report draws together insights on how to succeed from the 11 agribusiness case studies. It describes how five key business practices or ‘patterns of success’ are common across the successful case studies, and lacking in those businesses that ultimately failed.

The five key patterns of success provide a roadmap for businesses looking to grow and succeed in competitive markets.

Read the Patterns of Success - snapshot for quick details on the report. 

Key findings from the report:

  1. Focusing on key strategic relationships
  2. Delivering customer value
  3. Developing a ‘Whole Product’ offering
  4. Using customer development to investigate and understand customer needs
  5. Partnering between businesses to deliver a differentiated whole product

Patterns of Success - key findings

The five key patterns of success are interrelated and not unique to any specific product or industry. They are all based on the need to deliver genuine, differentiated customer value.

Patterns of Success - transactional relationship

The concepts are applicable to WA scale businesses across all the agrifood sectors and demonstrate how to achieve consistent business growth that is not dependent on operating at global industrial scale.

All 11 case studies demonstrate these five key patterns of success to varying degrees.

Table 1

The conclusion from the case studies is clear: enterprising SME agrifood businesses can lead their value chain and develop more strategic relationships that enable consistent growth and business success.