Partnering for Customer Value - Hear from the experts

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Partnering for Customer Value presents Dingley Dell Pork’s Mark Hayward and Professor Andrew Fearne

The official launch of the Partnering for Customer Value initiative took place in November 2019 with a series of industry events.

The initiative sponsored the visit of the author of three of the case studies, Professor of Value Chain Management, Andrew Fearne and the subject of one of his case studies, Dingley Dell Pork’s Mark Hayward. Read the Dingley Dell Pork case study for more information.

Mark Hayward shared the story of his journey from being wiped out by disease in 1998 to rebuilding into a premium brand based on the pillars of welfare, sustainability and exceptional taste. Dingley Dell Pork is an excellent example of a small premium producer who, through strategic partnerships with its processor and in-market distributors, has positioned itself as a premium supplier to some of the world’s top restaurants in key export markets.

“The format, with access to Mark’s experience, was invaluable”
 -  Agribusiness participant

“Real life examples of successful change are so valuable – it is easy to talk about it but it is hard to implement. So it is great to see successful case studies and very useful [sic].” 
 -  Agrifood company attendee