Partnering for Customer Value - case study: Sun Lychee & Exotico

Page last updated: Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 3:40pm

The P4CV initiative commissioned 11 case studies profiling 14 agribusinesses in the horticulture, livestock, dairy, grains, seafood and processed foods sectors, across small, medium and large enterprises that were from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Sun Lychee is a registered not-for-profit company owned by a group of growers who engage a marketer to manage and market their crop under the Sun Lychee brand on their behalf for a set, per-kilo marketing fee.  

Exotico is a brand owned by a private trading company (JE Tipper) who consolidates a number of tropical fruit varieties to market them all under the common ‘Exotico’ brand.

Read the Sun Lychee & Exotico - snapshot for quick details on the case study. 

Sun Lychee & Exotica - snapshot

Patterns of success demonstrated by the Sun Lychee & Exotico case study: 

Patterns of success - Sun Lychee & Exotico

Why you should read the Sun Lychee & Exotico - case study

  • description of the elements of value that Sun Lychee and Exotico brands’ whole product delivers to their customers
  • in-depth discussion of the mutual value partners receive from these value chain partnerships