Western Australian avocado growers' Qualicado workshop

Avocados Australia is presenting the Western Australian leg of a series of seminars, delivering presentations tailored to each production region, aimed to improve the provision of quality avocados from farm to plate.

The Manjimup workshop is aimed at growers, packers, consultants and related service providers. A separate workshop for wholesalers, ripeners and transporters is being held in Perth.

Topics to be covered include:

  • fruit handling and ripening
  • irrigation and nutrition
  • integrated phythophthora root root management
  • irregular/alternate bearing management
  • new varieties

Contact Nathan Symonds (from Avocados Australia) for more information and to register your interest:

+61 (0)7 3846 6566, supplychain@avocado.org.au

When and where

HostAvocados Australia Limited
Start DateThursday, 24th July 2014
Start Time8:30 am
End Time3:30 pm
LocationWest Aussie Avos
313 Seven Day Road,
Manjimup, WA 6258
WebWA avocado growers Qualicado workshop


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