Rangelands Fibre and Produce workshop and field day

Rangelands Fibre and Produce is faciliating a workshop and field day on Thursday 23 November hosted by Angus and Toby Nichols at Edah station. The day is 50/50 presentations/discussions and then paddock activities. Topics focus on activities to improve profits for a pastoral business:

Perennial grass regeneration on different land systems

The day is built largely around a project that was designed to continue work commenced in 2015 at Austin Downs in the Murchison and Carey Downs in the Gascoyne (funded by Rangeland NRM). That project aimed to understand what grazing management was required to continue the perennial grass regeneration that commenced so well in the autumn of 2015. Attendees will look at the regeneration of grasses on three land systems at Edah as well as results on two other stations (project funded by National Landcare Program).


Kangaroos target regenerating grass so the project is working on a method to accurately assess kangaroo numbers at a water and their impact on regenerating grasses. New South Wales researchers are providing guidance on this issue.

Stress free stockmanship and self herding relating to sheep and cattle

Bruce Maynard and Dean Revell will discuss opportunities using self herding and stress free stockmanship to improve livestock productivity. Bruce has been working with cattle at Austin Downs and Challa and there will be a mob of Merino weaners at Edah in the next week or so. A lupin feeding regime is being planned and Bruce and Dean will have worked with owners Angus and Toby Nichols to make best use of lupin supplements, self herding and stress free stockmanship. The aim is to minimise the mortality reputation of Merino weaners in the district. Those activities will be discussed and inspected in the paddock.

Feed budgeting at Austin Downs and Edah

Tom Jackson has been working on developing ‘easy to use’ methods of assessing feed supply for feed budgeting. Rangelands Fibre and Produce will be discussing the use of the NRM Spatial Hub with satellite imagery and ‘greenness index’ tools and their application in the paddock.

Carbon Farming opportunities in the southern rangelands

Kent Broad has been involved with the carbon market for 10 years and he’s been working with Harley Lacy of Outback Carbon who has been fine tuning a rangelands carbon method that includes both soil carbon and woody carbon. Carbon Select has been in the district developing woody carbon projects for a number of pastoralists. Harley has another important commitment but Kent is equally committed to developing carbon farming opportunities for southern rangelands pastoralists. Kent will be able to provide an update of the fluid status of progress for carbon farming in WA’s rangelands.

Barbecue evening meal but please bring your lunch

There will be plenty to discuss at the end of the day and for those wishing to overnight, swagging and breakfast are provided. To keep costs down to $20 per head, people are asked to bring their own lunch and evening drinks. A barbecue evening and smokos are provided as well as swagging facilities for those wishing to stay.

Please RSVP to Greg Brennan by 10 November or phone +61 (0)418 222 406 for further details.

When and where

HostRangelands Fibre and Produce
Start DateThursday, 23rd November 2017
All day event
LocationEdah Station,
Shire of Yalgoo, WA 6635


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