National Jujube Conference 2018

To celebrate the first five years of the WA Jujube Growers Association Inc, the association is hosting its inaugural national jujube conference.

Guest speakers at the 2018 National Jujube Conference will provide insight into the jujube plant, the industry, horticultural expertise and what is happening in  research and development.

Come and enjoy a day of great speakers who have been working with the association, SA members, DAWR Canberra’s scientific team who recently visited China and affiliated trades showcasing the latest equipment and technology.

A mini trade fair will provide growers with knowledge about their products for use in growing Jujubes successfully.

Cost $125 per head.

Includes tea and coffee, morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea

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Background on WA Jujube Growers Association:

The Association in its first five years, obtained federal and state grants to carry out initial research and development for the benefit of the fruit growers and nurserymen who are helping to make the fruit more widely accessible both in the retail and commercial space, the Strategic Report 2016 – 2020 was developed.

Further affiliations with Curtin University, UWA, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, DAWR and Perth NRM have given the association access to many areas that our members have benefited from, these include being selected as the luxury branding product for Curtin University’s Marketing School for 2017.

Work continues with the team at Curtin in providing our members with the latest marketing trends and the department becoming Associate Members of the WAJGA.

As well as the marketing department the association also has been fortunate to be working with Professor Zora Singh retired from Curtin Horticultural Department. Zora has a wealth of knowledge having grown up in India on his father’s Jujube orchard. He is passionate about the Jujube and will talk on his experiences and findings of the Jujube.

Perth NRM  provide soil, water and leaf analysis through their Healthy Soils, Healthy Rivers program and has been instrumental in the improvement and quality of our fruit.

Jujubes are grown counter seasonal to the other countries worldwide and offers an exceptional opportunity for export of quality fruit as well as the sale of fresh and dried fruit to the Australia’s domestic market, over 40% of Australia’s population have their origins from countries where jujubes have been grown for centuries. Education of the remainder 60% of the population is high on the agenda of the association moving forward.



When and where

HostWA Jujube Growers Association Inc
Start DateFriday, 9th November 2018
Start Time8:30 am
End Time5:00 pm
LocationTheatre Room, Technology Park Function Centre
Bentley, WA 6102
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