European house borer: management strategies

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Many businesses are involved in the use and transport of untreated pinewood, such as:

  • the movement of construction pine or articles derived from pine, such as pinewood pallets, crates, boxes, dunnage and packaging
  • use of pinewood as part of building and site construction works
  • storage of pinewood material on business sites.

For businesses operating or conducting business within RMZs, the Agriculture and Related Resources Protection (European House Borer) Regulations 2006 impose restrictions.

To view a complete copy of the EHB regulations, visit the State Law Publisher website or contact call (08) 9368 3080 or email

Movement restrictions apply to untreated pinewood that has been exposed to the environment for 72 hours or more. Storage of pine must be within a suitable building, or if impractical, kept fully enclosed in plastic wrapping or another authorised material to prevent EHB infestation.

Breach of regulations may result in penalties of up to $2000.

The WA Building Code also requires pine used as a primary building element should be treated to ensure durability. In RMZs, EHB non-susceptible materials such as treated pinewood MUST be used (refer to building page).

Minimising risk

The department conducts surveillance of affected businesses to identify ‘at risk’ EHB host materials and breaches of EHB regulations.

It is strongly recommended businesses conduct ‘at risk’ self-assessment to identify, develop and implement pinewood operational handling procedures compliant with EHB regulations.

Compliance measures to consider:

  • movement of EHB host pinewood materials on and off site
  • storage arrangement 72 hours or more
  • disposal of waste pinewood
  • use of non-susceptible materials.

Permit to remove untreated pinewood

EHB host pinewood that has not been stored correctly and assessed as ‘at risk’ may require fumigation at an industrial facility or removal to a waste disposal facility.

Call (08) 9368 3080 or email to request a department assessment and to obtain a movement permit compliant with EHB regulations.

Waste management services must hold a valid EHB movement authorisation permit to collect waste pinewood from a RMZ.

EHB regulations restrict removal of ‘at risk’ pinewood materials from a RMZ.

Contact information

Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS)
+61 (0)8 9368 3080