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EHB Response Program 2004-11

Following the detection of EHB in 2004, action was taken to determine the extent of the pest and how to tackle the infestation. This included an assessment of 12 000 sites throughout greater metropolitan Perth and the south-west.

The Government of Western Australia initiated an Emergency Plant Pest Response Plan, which focused on surveillance and containment of the pest, while extensive research, cost benefit analyses and regulatory impact assessments were conducted.

To support EHB surveillance, containment and eradication efforts, the Agriculture and Related Resources Protection (European House Borer) Regulations 2006 were gazetted to establish buffer zones around sites of EHB infestation. These are called Restricted Movement Zones (RMZs).

The regulations outlined restrictions on the movement, storage, treatment and disposal of untreated pinewood located in PMZs and RMZs areas.

In 2011, a transition from EHB eradication to containment and management occurred. The EHB eradication efforts and research undertaken since 2004 will continue to ensure effective EHB management and control in the future.

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