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eConnected has collated relevant agricultural technology (ag-tech) publications, reports and links for your information.

Additional resources are regularly added to this site for you to access and download.



The documents (links below) are designed to assist you in answering questions you may have about all things ag-tech and digital connectivity related.

evokeAG - Jones Plunkett presentation - by DPIRD Senior Economist Brad Plunkett

Innovate Down Cost Curve - working paper - by DPIRD Senior Economist Brad Plunkett

Large Mixed Farm - eConnected working paper - by DPIRD Senior Economist Brad Plunkett

Understanding Digital Connectivity - terminology

WA IoT DecisionAg Grant Program - FAQs

Digital Farm Grants Program - FAQs

Digital Farm Grants Program - Map of projects

Digital Farm Grants Program - Indicative coverage map

Digital Farm Grants Program - Wagerup-Boddington project Map

Digital Farm Grants Program - Williams project Map

Digital Farm Grants Program - Capel-Busselton project Map

Chris Sounness - Birchip Cropping Group (Vic.) - Farm Data Networks presentation

Prof. Leanne Wiseman - Griffith University (QLD) - Principles and Practices around Data Sharing presentation

 eConnected poster - Benefits of being a digitally connected farmer

SEPWA - Esperance LTE Evaluation Report

eConnected brochure - Creating value through improved farm connectivity

eConnected brochure - Bringing Internet of Things (IoT) to the farm

DPIRD Digital Agricultural Symposium - Presentation by Prof. Krishna Mohan Buddhiraju (Bombay, INDIA)

DPIRD Digital Agriculture Symposium - On Farm Experiment (OFE) - Presentation by Dr Suman Rakshit (Curtin University, Perth)

Brochure - Internet of Things (IoT) grant projects live

Poster - Updated DPIRD Weather Website

Brochure (DL) - Updated DPIRD Weather Website

Digital Connectivity brochure - information on all programs


Meat & Livestock Australia

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has given the eConnected Grainbelt Project permission to publish a direct link to their portal to allow visitors to read and download a series of relevant ag-tech case studies, reports and publications.

Visit MLA's website.


Talking Ag-Tech across the World

It's thanks to technology, that DPIRD staff and WA industry representatives were able to discuss all things 'ag-tech' with their counterparts in The Netherlands. 

In November, DPIRD staff and key industry and government agency partners in WA spoke with and were briefed on The Netherlands’ 'Join Data', a data sharing platform that links data streams across agricultural value chains.

Join Data CEO Sener Celik and his chief IT officer, Arjan Lamers, also answered staff questions and demonstrated the platform from the perspectives of two types of users – a farmer and an API developer. 

Mr Celik’s presentation was followed by a short address by Ben van Delden, of KPMG, outlining The Netherlands’ highly successful agricultural sector’s development. The Netherlands is the globe’s second largest agricultural products exporter, although it is only half the size of Tasmania!

The presentation was introduced by DPIRD senior economist Brad Plunkett, who outlined the structure of the event and provided some WA grains industry context around the need for digitisation of the industry to meet rapidly mounting competitive pressure in its export markets.

Listen to the discussion in the video below.


Getting Value from Farm Data Networks Forum

Please see in the attached documents, presentations by two key speakers at eConnected's successful 2017 Getting Value from Farm Data Networks grower group forum held at Technology Park, Bentley.

Four speakers presented to about 70 attendees at the event.

  • Presentation: Assoc Professor Leanne Wiseman, of Griffith University, QLD – Principles and Practices around data sharing
  • Presentation: Chris Sounness, Chief Executive Officer of Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), VIC - Data Ag Coop - Solution or amplifying the problem

(More information below)


evokeAG Discussion With Tammin Farmers

DPIRD Senior Economist Brad Plunkett spoke with Tammin farmers Brad and Kate Jones at the 2019 evokeAG event, as part of research work he is undertaking on behalf of the eConnected Grainbelt Project.

To listen to the ‘kitchen table’ discussion about the Jones' Bungulla Farming operation at Tammin, WA, which was filmed at the 2019 evokeAG ag-tech event, please see the video below.

The discussion outlines the operation’s sources of uncertainty, decision-making under uncertainty in an all grains operation, management structures, 3D level data analysis of an integrated data driven set of innovations and management decisions to lower costs and to build an alternative supply chain. 

The chat also details the importance of agricultural technology and precision agriculture adoption rates. (for Power Point of discussion see the link under the documents section, entitled 'evokeAG.Jones-PlunkettPresentation').

Please also find a report attached to right of this webpage (Specialist grain -Innovate down cost curve), which is part of a series of case studies Brad Plunkett is undertaking, on behalf of the eConnected Grainbelt Project. This case study relates to ag-tech and innovation that Brad Jones has implemented on his Tammin farming property.

evokeAG is Australia’s ‘largest agtech event’ and was held in Melbourne, in February 2019.

Find out more about the event.


Farmer Ag-tech Adoption: Case Study Series

DPIRD Senior Economist Brad Plunkett is undertaking a series of case studies about WA farmers utilising agricultural technology (ag-tech) on their properties, on behalf of eConnected.

A first report - Specialist grain -Innovate down cost curve - focuses on a specialist grain farm (farmer Brad Jones, of Tammin) and a second report - Large Mixed Farm-Agtech choices - relates to a large mixed WA property (farmer Wally Newman, located at Newdegate).

These reports are located under the Documents section.


Facey Group - Presentations

Facey Group, based at Wickepin, is one of our former 11 eConnected Grower Groups.

They have provided us with the videos of each of their key presenters' talks from one of their eConnected eDemonstration events.

View the videos via the links below.

Annie Brox (Origo) - Open Ag Technology program

Ben Congdon (DPIRD) - Rapid diagnistics tool for virus risk and early warning

Christiaan Valentine (DPIRD) - Rapid detection tools for early warning

Darren Mottolini (CRC-SI, WA) - Making sense of digital data for better decisions

Josh Johnson (AGT, WA) - Plant breeding and genetics

Leanne Wiseman (Griffith Uni, QLD) - The 'right to repair' debate

Michael Ford (HectareAg, founder) - Precision agriculture tools

Professor Simon Cook (former Premier's Fellow in Agriculture and Food at Curtin University, WA) - Digital agriculture

Ryan Walker (APAL Laboratory) - Real time soil testing


Getting Value from Farm Data Networks

As part of eConnected's successful 2017 Getting Value from Farm Data Networks grower group forum held at Technology Park, Bentley, four high quality speakers presented to about 70 attendees.

The forum featured information on farm data ownership, information sharing and the role of farm data cooperatives across WA, developments in rural connectivity and the utilisation of digital tools and agricultural technology. 

The Getting Value from Farm Data Networks forum was designed to provide information and stimulate discussion on digital technology in agriculture, focusing on the role of farm data cooperatives across WA, issues around data ownership and sharing, and to provide an update on the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre’s (FA - CRC) WA node.

Forum speakers expressed that the current issue was not necessarily just about ‘farm data’ but more about who had access to and control of that particular data.

To learn more, please view the four key speakers' presentations as linked below –

Data Ag Cooperatives - Chris Sounness (Chris Sounness' presentation is also available in the Documents section of the webpage)

Coop establishment opportunities – Brad Plunkett

Data Ownership - Assoc Prof Leanne Wiseman  (Leanne Wiseman's presentation is also available in the Documents section)

Food Agility CRC - Mike Ridout (former Director at Food Agility CRC )


SEPWA Report

Please also see the South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA) Esperance LTE Evaluation Report, from June 2018. Report can also be located in the Documents section of the webpage.


Digital Agriculture Symposium at DPIRD

Recently, DPIRD held a Digital Agriculture Symposium.

Presentations from the symposium are attached to this webpage and entitled -

  • On Farm Experiment (OFE) with focus on Large Strip Trials, by Suman Rakshit, of SAGI West, Curtin University, ( entitled 'Digital Agriculture Symposium.OFE Presentation'); and
  • Classification of Remotely Sensed Images for Landuse Information, by Prof. Krishna Mohan Buddhiraju - Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India (entitled 'Digital Agriculture Symposium.Classification of Images.Presentation').

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