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The State Government has invested $28 million in Doppler Radar technology.

Funding of $23 million was provided to install three new Doppler radars across the WA Wheatbelt located at Newdegate, South Doodlakine and Watheroo.

The building of these three technologically advanced new radars was completed in 2017.

A further $5 million in State Government funding has since been allocated towards the upgrading of the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) Albany and Geraldton radars to Doppler capability.

This forms part of a Coastal Doppler radars upgrade project for the three BoM radars in Albany, Geraldton and Esperance, completed in early 2020.

The Esperance radar upgrade was funded by BoM.

Thanks to these upgrades, WA now has the best Doppler radar coverage in Australia.

Learn more about DPIRD's Doppler Radars Investment and the Coastal Doppler radars upgrade project or visit the DPIRD Weather Website for live Doppler radar images.


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