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With the new Extrata Data Sharing Platform, rather than having data from the tractor, header, from multiple weather stations and soil moisture probes sitting in various online clouds and being difficult to access – users, primary producers for example, will be able to find all the information in one place and will only require one set of login details.  

This will save them time, make processes more efficient. Importantly, it will also offer them security, and will allow them control of who they share their agricultural data or agdata with and for how long. 

Primary producers

When sharing agricultural data, primary producers' main concerns include security and control particularly around who has access to their data, why they require that access and for how long.

To alleviate some of these concerns, and to adhere to high levels of security, control, transparency the Extrata platform adheres to stringent requirements.

The Extrata platform is set apart from other existing platforms Australia-wide, as it does not store data anywhere and is encrypted end to end  –  with Extrata not having visibility anywhere along the system. It also does not analyse data in any way. 

Security features

Extrata is designed to allow primary producers full control of their data.

For users, whether that is a data owner (Data Originators), or a data recipient (Data Service Provider) security has been an important consideration.

Control of users' agdata is important in terms of which data they share, the granularity (is it the whole dataset, or just a subset), who has access to it, for how long and for what purpose they will use it for.

These significant security features will help build trust for primary producers and other users.  For example, the platform will enable primary producers to share the same data for both research and commercial benefit. 

Along with quality security and control measures, the platform also provides transparency, and simultaneously encourages trust through various important features which will be built into the system, including – 

  • Mandatory registration process 
  • Individual logins 
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for users 
  • Cycling of Application Programming Interface (API) keys
  • Does not store data anywhere  
  • Encryption of agdata end to end 
  • Users will have the ability to accept or deny data requests, and choose who they share their data with, and for how long 

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