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Page last updated: Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - 2:18pm

Imagine one place to put all of your agricultural, financial or other technology data (agdata).

This is the reality the eConnect+ team is bringing to fruition through the creation of the new Extrata Data Sharing Platform!

One place for all your agricultural data  

In a Western Australian (WA) first-of-its kind initiative, the bespoke platform – which is being built in-house by expert department Information Technology (IT) developers – could be described as a ‘courier service’ for agricultural data, or agdata. 

Essentially a data owner, or Data Originator, will put the data into the system and a data recipient or end user, or Data Service Provider, will be able to access it at the other end. 

The agdata may be from soil moisture probes, weather stations,  or livestock tracking devices, for example. 

Data Service Providers may use the data in various ways, including for research purposes or to aggregate and provide back to the Data Originator, perhaps a farmer, to help them make more informed decisions on the farm. The agdata may assist in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for farming activities, such as spraying, seeding, harvesting or grazing of livestock.  

Importantly, agdata is encrypted end to end and is not stored on the Extrata Data Sharing Platform.

The platform also has aesthethic dashboards that will be accessible on a smart device around the farm – on the tractor, in the ute, at the homestead or when travelling throughout the regions, for example.

The eConnect+ team is aware that security and transparency are paramount for users, therefore have created many features to help alleviate security concerns and subsequently build trust. 

Read more about the official Extrata platform announcement.

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