How Extrata works 

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Extrata® gives farmers, agronomists, researchers and data aggregators the ability to securely exchange a wide range of ag data. This data can then be leveraged to optimise farming operations in real-time.

Essentially acting as a data courier, Extrata uses API (Application Processing Interface) technology to efficiently and securely transfer user-defined data between Extrata users. 

All data transferred via Extrata is automatically encrypted end-to-end, meaning that data is encoded at the sender’s end and is only accessible by the authorised end user.

Extrata does not store nor analyse any data exchanged through the platform.

Powerful insights from farm data

Extrata can benefit various users. For example, Data Originators (such as farmers) are constantly generating data from sensors on their tractors, soil moisture probes, water tank monitors and other devices.

On behalf of the Data Originator, Data Collectors (such as OEM and IoT device manufacturers), capture and store the data generated by the equipment. The Data Originator can then share this data with Data Aggregators via Extrata.

Data Aggregators are ag tech service providers that essentially “crunch the numbers.” They add value to data by analysing and combining multiple data sets, to gain new insights for the Data Originator (farmer). These findings are then shared back through Extrata to the Data Originator, to help inform decision making and guide future planning on the farm.

Join our Early Adopter Program

Extrata is currently being trialled across a number of collaborative projects involving WA primary producers. 

To become an early adopter, submit an expression of interest via our Early Adopter Program page.

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