How it works 

Page last updated: Monday, 20 March 2023 - 4:43pm

Here is a quick rundown on the workings of the new Extrata platform.

A snapshot view 

To use a ‘courier’ analogy imagine the Extrata platform like an agent, or in fact a courier picking up a package of data from a Data Originator, such as a grower, and taking it through to the other side to a Data Service Provider, or data recipient, which may be a university, a researcher or some other institution interested in aggregating the data for further purposes.   

All data ‘travelling’ through the online cloud system will be ‘agreed data’, which means that there must be agreements between third parties in place prior to any data exchanges. 

The eConnect+ Project prides itself on the fact that farmers will be able to control their own data, and that the platform offers high levels of security, transparency and privacy, and to help in turn instils trust when it comes to primary producers sharing their agdata.  

There is also the ability to create Data Bundles which will allow users to have access to larger sets of data in one place, and to be downloaded via a single download. Data bundles may be tailored to specific requirements. 

Researchers, or universities will have the option of downloading relevant data for further aggregation, or to clean it up and utilise it for research purposes. They may also then share the value-added data back to the primary producer, or Data Originator for value-add. 

Anyone interested in participating in the 'Early Adopters' part of the initiative should email:


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