Season 2023: information for WA farmers

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The Season 2023 webpage contains seasonally relevant information and management options in the broadacre agricultural areas of Western Australia. Regular review and updated information is coordinated through DPIRD's Farming Systems Innovation - Regional Intelligence and Adoption branch.

Latest updates and advice

  • It’s a difficult time for sheep producers who are making tough decisions this season. Sheep producers impacted by the challenging seasonal and industry conditions are encouraged to plan and consider options to manage flock condition and capture market opportunities over coming months. Refer to resources in Livestock management.
  • For information on support services available to help people in rural WA areas find the assistance they need, please see WA's rural support services webpage and directory.
  • The northern and eastern fringes of the grain belt have experienced a very dry growing season with poorly established crops presenting a high soil erosion risk. Low rainfall has limited yield potential of established crops. See available resources in Crop management and Rural support services sections.
  • Early September rainfall maintained yield potential in the southern and central grainbelt but frosts will have reduced yield potential in impacted areas. See Crop management section to manage frost and other seasonal risks.

Seasonal issues

Livestock management

Current situation

  • Sheep producers impacted by challenging seasonal and industry conditions are encouraged to plan and consider options to manage flock condition and capture market opportunities over coming months. To help producers make informed decisions to manage feed requirements and livestock nutritional wellbeing, refer to Management resources and Animal Health and Welfare resources below.

Management resources

Animal health and welfare resources


Crop management

Current situation

Management resources

Keep updated and report

  • Learn about the latest pests and diseases activity in WA and how to identify and manage them by reading the PestFacts WA e-newsletter.
  • The PestFacts WA map provides a visual display of current and historical insect or plant disease activity reported in WA.
  • The PestFacts WA team welcomes all insect and plant disease reports, and identification requests, so we can continue providing risk alerts to the WA grains industry.  Download and use the free PestFacts WA Reporter app for both Apple and android devices. This version replaces the previous PestFax Reporter app, so once the new app is downloaded, please delete the older PestFax Reporter app. 


Land and water management

Management resources


WA’s rural support services


Climate situation and outlook

  • Seasonal rain April to August continues the drier than normal pattern for northern and eastern agricultural areas and parts of the south-west.
  • August has been notably warmer than normal, especially for northern agricultural areas.  
  • September rain to date has been greatest over southern agricultural areas and the south-west but only small parts of the south coast are wetter than normal.
  • The Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal rainfall outlook for October indicates below normal rain is more likely for agricultural areas.
  • Similarly, the outlook for October to December 2023 is indicating below normal rainfall is more likely over southern WA. The outlook continues the prediction of higher atmospheric pressure over Australia. See the Bureau’s seasonal outlook video for more details.
  • International climate models are currently showing below-normal rainfall outlooks for WA for October to December 2023.
  • Refer to climate resources below for further information.

Climate resource


DPIRD Seasonal climate outlook newsletters

DPIRD Seasonal climate outlook

Bureau of Meteorology weekly rainfall

Bureau of Meteorology forecasts

Bureau of Meteorology:Water and Land

Bureau of Meteorology daily rainfall and other local climate records

Climate data online

DPIRD weather station - rainfall information

DPIRD online weather stations map

Climate analysis for decision makers

Australian CliMate app (Apple devices)

Animated global weather conditions affecting WA




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