Managing sheep in a dry spring: for agribusiness professionals

Page last updated: Friday, 11 June 2021 - 11:41am

Managing sheep in  dry spring: for agribusiness professionals event was held in Kojonup, Geraldton and Perth in 2017. The presentations have valuable advice for managing stock in a poor season with a particular emphasis on the financial implications of continued supplementary feeding and sheep returns. The key presentations and videos of the Perth event can be accessed below.


Presentation Video Topic
presentation video Tactics and strategies for managing the poor season - Ashley Herbert, Agrarian Management
presentation video Economic biological impacts - John Young, Farming Systems Analysis Service
presentation video Managing Weaners - Danny Roberts, DPIRD
presentation video Pastures from space - Norm Santich, Landgate
presentation video Sheep nutrition and choosing the right ewe - Mandy Curnow, DPIRD