Bitou bush: declared pest

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Bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. rotundata) is a declared pest in Western Australia (WA). This article describes the nature of the plant with links to requirements land owners/occupiers must adhere to and pest control methods.

Form: shrub — perennial

Status: present in WA

Bitou bush is a native of South Africa, where it is mainly found in coastal areas. Bitou bush is a Weed of National Significance (WoNS).


Bitou bush is a sprawling, woody evergreen shrub growing to two metres (but much higher if supported by other vegetation).

Habit: Sprawling shrub, one to two metres high.

Leaves: three to seven centimetres long, broad oval shape, smooth or only slightly toothed edges. Seedlings present leaves with smooth edges.

Flowers: Bright yellow daisy flowers, 11 to 13 petals growing  in clusters at branch tips. Peak flowering April to June.

Fruit: Green berries that ripen to black. Each fruit contains one hard, dark brown to black, egg-shaped seed.

Agricultural and economic impact

Bitou bush is an aggressive environmental weed in coastal vegetation. It primarily invades sand dunes, heathlands and nearby forests; it invades undisturbed as well as disturbed areas.  Bitou bush can outcompete and in many cases totally replace native flora and drastically alter the environment for many native birds and animals. It can also create a favourable environment for other highly invasive weeds.

Declared pest category

The Western Australian Organism List (WAOL) contains information on the area(s) in which this pest is declared and the control and keeping categories to which it has been assigned in Western Australia (WA). Search for bitou bush in WAOL using the scientific name Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. rotundata.

Requirements for land owners/occupiers and other persons

Requirements for land owners/occupiers and other persons if this pest is found can be sourced through the declared pest requirements link.

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Control method

Control methods for this declared plant can be found through the bitou bush control link.

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