Austrocylindropuntia cacti species

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Austrocylindropuntia species (except A. vestita) are Declared Pests in Western Australia. These plants are also registered as Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) in Australia. This article describes some Austrocylindropuntia species. 

Species features

Cane cactus (Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica)

Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica plant

Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica flower

Erect, branching shrub 0.3-1.5 metres tall. Often forms patches several metres wide. Deciduous leaves to one centimetre long.

Pads or segments: dark bluish-green, shiny. Rounded, 15-50 centimetres long, three to four centimetres diameter.

Flowers: red, cup shaped.

Fruit: egg to urn shaped, to 4.5 centimetres long. Deep green-yellow green. Can produce chains.

Spines: two to six spines, approx one centimetre long, lack papery sheath.

Austrocylindropuntia subulata

Austrocylindropuntia subulata

Austrocylintropuntia sublata flowers

Branching shrub to three metres tall. Forms patches to eight metres wide. Leaves to 12 centimetres long and these may persist for more than one season.

Pads or segments: mid green. Slender, to 50 centimetres long, four to five centimetres diameter.

Flowers: pink.

Fruit: oblong, egg or club shaped to 10c centimetres long. Green. Can produce chains.

Spines: one to four spines, up to seven centimetres long, lack papery sheath.

Declared pest category

The Western Australian Organism List (WAOL) contains information on the area(s) in which this pest is declared and the control and keeping categories to which it has been assigned in Western Australia (WA). Search for Austrocylindropuntia in the WAOL by using the scientific name Austrocylindropuntia.

Requirements for land owners/occupiers and other persons

Requirements for land owners/occupiers and other persons if this pest is found can be sourced through the declared plant requirements link.

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Control methods

Report the presence of this organism if it's legal status is prohibited before undertaking a control measure. Control methods for these declared plants can be found through the opuntioid cacti control link.

Further Information

For more information on cacti, download the Opuntioid cacti best practice control manual.

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