The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development continues to support the growth and international competitiveness of all crop industries in Western Australia.

With a 2400 kilometre span from its tropical north to its temperate south, WA supports a broad range of cropping industries from rain-fed winter cereals through to irrigated horticultural crops.

In the 2012/13 year the WA cropping industries exported a total of $3.9 billion which comprised: $3.1 billion of cereals, $859 million of pulses, pastures and oilseeds, $142 million of horticultural crops. The major contributors to these exports were wheat ($2.7 billion), canola ($756 million), barley ($377 million), lupins ($42 million), carrots at $48 million, oats ($12 million), and strawberries at $5.5 million.


  • Pursuant to section 44 of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (the Act) the Director General of Agriculture and Food granted temporary approval for new and alternative requ

  • Qualup bell is indigenous to Western Australia and is distinguished by large colourful bracts that provide an eye catching display as a cut flower. It can be used as a filler or feature filler.

  • Smokebush offers a wide diversity of flower types, ranging from white to blue, and flowering from summer to winter.

  • The presence of insects in flower crops can result in feeding damage to flowers, leaves and stems or cause galls to form.

  • Verticordias are a diverse group of Australian native plants which display a range of flower colours of orange, yellow, red, pink, cream and white.

  • This article describes the conditions for sustainable bush management and/or cultivation of golden cascade (Corynanthera flava), a species unique to the northern sandplain of southern West

  • If you think that commercial flower growing could be worth considering, this page will help you work through the issues critical for success and point to sources of information to help achieve that

  • Cutflowers are a luxury product and consumers demand a certain standard of quality and value for money.

  • Correct postharvest handling is essential to maximise vase life and maintain flower and foliage quality.

  • Banksias are a unique flower composed of compact inflorescences. They can be harvested from the bush for domestic and export markets or grown commercially.


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