Refresher workshop - Succession planning and/or Marketing

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These workshops have been designed to deliver a half-day Refresher workshop, for those who have previously completed the Plan, Prepare Prosper workshops, with succession planning or marketing the other key focus of the day. They will enable farm businesses to look more closely at their business, and address these important areas.

Farm businesses who have previously completed the Plan Prepare and Prosper workshops are encouraged to attend a full-day free Refresher workshop which incorporates either a succession planning or marketing session.

Farm businesses who have not previously completed the Plan Prepare and Prosper workshops can register to attend either of the free half-day sessions, which specifically focus on succession planning or marketing.

For a number of reasons many farming businesses do not have strong succession planning in place, which is an essential strategic activity. This workshop explores approaches that farm businesses can take to get a planning process underway, and ultimately set actions to make it happen.

The marketing workshop looks at marketing programs and possible strategies to increase business effectiveness and impact. The workshop explores the advantages of focusing marketing activities on client needs, and will examine business opportunities to maximise profitability and success.

How to apply?

If you would like to attend the Refresher workshop - Succession planning and/or Marketing, then register online by completing a Refresher workshop - Marketing and succession planning application form.

For further information please call 1800 198 231 or email

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