Production & postharvest

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development contributes to the productivity, profitability and sustainability of plant-based agriculture. From broad scale dryland cropping systems to intensive irrigated production, we work with industry and business to address challenges in plant production through research and development, knowledge transfer and government policy settings.


  • Deep sowing

    Depth of sowing will influence crop establishment, the vigour of the seedling crop and in turn final crop yield.

  • Malformed and broken (centre, right) seedlings

    Lupin has large seeds that are prone to mechanical damage during harvesting and subsequent handling, which may reduce seed viability.

  • Seedlings have deformed roots and shoots.

    Allelopathy is an uncommon disorder of germinating plants caused by a toxins in the soil that have leached from plant residues.

  • The treatment of vegetable seeds prior to planting can help control seed-borne diseases. Control of these diseases is necessary to prevent reduction in the crop yield.

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