Timely and efficient sowing provides the foundation of a successful crop. Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development provides up-to-date seasonal forecasting information which enables growers to plan their crop production from seeding to harvest. The department conducts research into the agronomic requirements of a range of crops to provide information on sowing with particular reference to timing, machinery, environmental conditions and paddock preparation.


  • Weak seedlings with pale cotyledons

    Seeding too deep will delay germination, thus reducing seed yield and oil content.

  • Deep sowing

    Depth of sowing will influence crop establishment, the vigour of the seedling crop and in turn final crop yield.

  • Malformed and broken (centre, right) seedlings

    Lupin has large seeds that are prone to mechanical damage during harvesting and subsequent handling, which may reduce seed viability.

  • Seedlings have deformed roots and shoots.

    Allelopathy is an uncommon disorder of germinating plants caused by a toxins in the soil that have leached from plant residues.

  • The treatment of vegetable seeds prior to planting can help control seed-borne diseases. Control of these diseases is necessary to prevent reduction in the crop yield.

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