Planning for Profit workshop

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The Planning for Profit workshop is a free one day workshop focused on you taking home more from your farm business. At the free workshop you will discover the most effective ways to increase profit by addressing the four key profit drivers: price, production, operating costs and business costs.

Farm businesses are highly complex, and it is not always obvious how to best identify more effective ways to increase farm business profitability. In this workshop, participants are engaged to explore how to achieve an effective price for produce and the benefit of targeting profitable production through being flexible, planning and responding to seasonal conditions.

Session 1: The language of profit – making money is..?

Outlines the language around farm business profit and presents key profitability concepts including a focus on profit drivers.

Session 2: What is an effective price? How much should you sell it for?

Participants will be presented with a technique to determine the effective price for key farm enterprises and how this estimated price can be used as a guide for seasonal production planning.

Session 3: Underlying costs of the farm business

The session will increase participants’ understanding of what impact underlying business costs can have on the ability to conduct the day to day running of the farm business and what needs to be considered when making significant purchases.

Session 4: Optimising operating costs

To make money you need to spend money … but how much, when, on what and why?

Participants will look at the impact of tactically adjusting spending to seasonal situations and focus on maximising profitability as opposed to maximising production.

How to apply

If you would like to attend the Planning for Profit workshop, then register online by completing a Planning for Profit application form.

For further information please call 1800 198 231 or email

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