Plan, Prepare and Prosper workshop

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The Plan, Prepare and Prosper workshop is a free five day training program designed to assist farm enterprises develop strategic plans that will assist in decision making in times of risk and opportunity.  The training is intended to strengthen farm businesses, sustain farming families and build resilient rural communities.

At the end of the workshop participants will have completed a strategic business plan, undertaken practical exercises that will improve business skills and developed an understanding about how other farm businesses are managing their challenges.

Day 1: Introduction to strategic planning

Participants will begin to develop plans and tools needed to manage and thrive in the future and demonstrate how these can work together to strengthen your ability to handle the challenges of managing the farm business. Participants will:

  • discuss ‘change’ and how it affects the manager, their family and the business
  • examine risk analysis as a tool for strategic planning
  • introduce financial concepts for the financial management workshop
  • trial a tool for improving business communication
  • draft an enterprise vision and consider goals.

Day 2: Financial management

  • Are you achieving the lifestyle you want?
  • How do you know if you are running a successful business?
  • How do you evaluate the performance of you your business?

Participants will learn how to measure business performance and evaluate its strength. They will also have the ability to self-assess key financial indicators and draft strategies and tactics to ensure financial risks and opportunities are planned for and managed.

Day 3: Work–life balance

Participants will consider family, social, communications and health factors within strategic planning, and especially succession planning. For a more effective farm business participants will examine:

  • the concepts of balance in work and life (to remove risk of forced time out)
  • to understand the role as a farm leader and how to make changes in the business
  • to appreciate the role of family members in the business now and in the future.

At the end of the day participants will have the ability to draft strategies and tactics to ensure human resource risks and opportunities are planned for and managed.

Day 4: Environmental risk, resource and production

Participants will develop strategies to manage seasonal variability and develop risk management strategies for agricultural production systems. To achieve this, participants will be assisted to:

  • identify and plan for projected changes in weather patterns and in the physical resources that support the productivity of the farm enterprise
  • develop strategies to manage observed and likely threats from the environment to farm enterprises
  • support the achievement of long-term economic viability of land under production through planning.

Day 5: Finalising your strategic plan

Participants will refine the strategic plan’s vision, strategies and tactics and review their ability to self-assess key viability performance indicators. Also discussed will be those issues and barriers that enterprise managers will need to consider to ensure the strategic plan achieves the desired results. This is about understanding and managing change.

Workshop dates & locations

Note: Scheduled dates are subject to change, and workshops require a minimum number of confirmed attendees to be delivered in the advertised locations.

How to apply?

If you would like to attend the Plan, Prepare and Prosper workshop, then register online by completing a Plan, Prepare and Prosper application form.

For further information please call 1800 198 231 or email

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