Avocados are grown commercially in Western Australia from Carnarvon in the north to Albany in the south. Significant production areas include Carabooda and Gingin north of Perth, with Busselton, Manjimup and Pemberton to the south. Smaller growing areas are scattered along the coast.

The main production season runs from August through to February. Some fruit is sold interstate and a modest but growing percentage is exported.

Hass accounts for more than 90% of production.

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia works with the Agricultural Produce Commission Avocado Producers’ Committee in WA and Avocados Australia Limited nationally, to assist this expanding industry.


  • The production and distribution of avocados is a complex business. Existing and potential growers need to be aware of important issues and regulations, some of which are summarised here.

  • Commercial production of avocados in Western Australia is a complex business requiring specialist skills and knowledge. Much of this knowledge may need to be sourced from others.

  • The cool Mediterranean conditions of the South-West of Western Australia are sub-optimal for avocado production which can impact on the reliability of cropping.

  • While Hass avocados are commonly grown in the South-West of Western Australia without a cross-polliniser variety, much interest has focused around the potential benefits of using a suitable cross-p

  • The avocado tree, while quite adaptable to a range of climatic conditions, is considered to be sensitive to frost.