Genetic modification

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development conducts research, development and extension activities in collaboration with industry partners to improve the productivity and profitability of Western Australian agriculture sector.

The department is part of the nationally consistent regulatory system that underpins and enhances Australia's and Western Australia's use of safe regulatory approved genetically modified organisms.

The value of Australia’s production and export of produce is dependent on maintaining the competitiveness of WA agriculture producers. Growers need access to the most productive new crop varieties to maintain their international competitiveness and genetic modification is a type of plant breeding that can deliver new improved varieties.

The department manages the New Genes for New Environments’ research facility in Merredin. This facility was designed to enable the evaluation of the world’s best candidate genetically modified traits from both public and private research organisations under Western Australian conditions in a highly contained and safe testing environment. The ‘New Genes for New Environments’ initiative together with the Managed Environment Facility will improve the long-term profitability of the WA agriculture industries by facilitating the adoption of new climate-adapted crops.