The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is involved in all aspects of the barley value chain from pre-breeding research to support the development of new barley varieties through to barley agronomy research, development and extension, barley grain quality assessments and market intelligence work.

Barley is Western Australia’s second largest cereal crop after wheat – accounting for 25% of the state’s total cereal production and delivering just over $0.65 billion in barley grain and malt export earnings each year.

Forty per cent of barley produced is delivered as malting grade destined for the Japanese, Chinese and Indian beer markets with the remaining 60% delivered as feed grade – the majority of which is sent to the Middle East.


  • Barley plant death from Fusilade® spray drift from neighbouring lupin paddock

    These are post-emergent grass contol herbicides used for annual ryegrass and/or wild oat control in wheat and barley or non-selective grass control in broadleaf crops.