Lower secondary education resources

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Environment education resources

Classroom activities

  • Cracking up – soil and water - register with Splash ABC for this free video and teaching resource investigating water movement through soil that has been cracked by drought

  • Food webs app - download for free from the app store

  • CSIRO Sustainable Futures schools program - educational program combining the latest in climate science with education in sustainability

  • Forest Learning - resources

  • Red Meat: The Green Facts - information about environmental sustainability of the Australian red meat and livestock industry which covers the key areas of reducing emissions, reducing water use and managing the land

  • Science by doing - Australian Academy of Science's program and Australian-curriculum aligned resources (stages 1-3)

  • Soils in Agriculture - online resources and tasks for students

  • Soil life - examines sampling methods and fauna found in soils to develop students' understanding of feeding relationships and energy flow in ecosystems

  • Sustainability Study Guides - relates to Australian curriculum about sustainability in food production in order to respond to food security issues in Australia and around the globe

  • Water: learn it for life - about the water cycle and the  processes and people involved in creating and managing drinkable water

  • WithOnePlanet - teaching and learning resource modules to explore climate change issues


  • Darling River catchment Register with Scootle (for free) for this short overview of the hydrology, history, communities, environment and industry along the river, as well as the role local land authorities play in natural resource management

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