Lower secondary education resources

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Meat, eggs, milk and wool education resources

Classroom activities

  • Changing Conditions in the Pig Industry - explores new and existing methods and technologies involved in Australian pig farms to house and produce pigs, manage resources, sustainably adapt to changes in animal welfare standards, temperature, extreme events, rainfall and its distribution

  • Chicken meat industry - video clips relating to production of chickens 

  • ChookCam - live feed from a farmed egg facility and a discussion forum on the mysteries of egg production

  • Learn about wool - apply for your free teacher's resource kit from the Australian Wool Institute on 1800 070 099 or email teacherskit@wool.com

  • Poultry and eggs - books, DVD, worksheets and posters

  • Selective Breeding School-Based Experiment - activity to compare growth rates of layer versus meat chickens

  • Sustainability Study Guides - relates to Australian curriculum about sustainability in food production in order to respond to food security issues in Australia and around the globe

  • Virtual Farm - visit free online curriculum-mapped resource showing what happens on beef and sheep farms in Australia