Orange varieties for Western Australia

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Common oranges

Common oranges represent a wide and diverse group that are not pigmented and have a variety of growth habits and fruiting characteristics. Until recently the majority of these produced seeds to some degree and, because of this, they have declined in popularity for fresh consumption. This group contains most processing varieties.

As most WA growers are targeting the fresh market, the trend in the past decade has been to replace common oranges with navels. This has meant that local common oranges are often in short supply through summer and there is renewed interest for the fresh market, especially for some of the low-seeded Valencia selections that are now available. Other low seeded Valencia selections have recently been introduced and evaluation of them has commenced.

Delta Valencia

Available through Auscitrus and local nurseries.

A selection of Valencia from South Africa that has few seeds and matures one to three weeks earlier than standard Valencia. Overseas information suggests that trees are more productive than Valencia and have slightly larger fruit. This has not been replicated at some Australian sites where size and yield have been an issue. This variety has had limited testing under WA conditions.

Midknight Valencia

Available through Auscitrus and local nurseries.

An early maturing Valencia selection from South Africa that has excellent juice content, flavour and very few seeds. It holds on the tree for as long as standard Valencias but fruit quality can decline. Some significant plantings of this variety have been made in WA in recent years and performance to date has been good.

Turkey Valencia

This is an early season Valencia selection which has shown to be productive under West Australian conditions. It produces fruit with a distinctive ring around the stylar end. Fruit meet the Australian Standard from early to late August depending on the season and location grown. Fruit have some seeds with between one and four seeds per fruit being recorded in local testing.

Although the seed count is higher than for Midknight fruit matures earlier and trees crop consistently. No commercial plantings of this variety have been made in WA to this point.

Turkey Valencia
Turkey Valencia fruit on a young tree in Bindoon


Industry standard, available through Auscitrus and local nurseries.

Valencia is the most extensively grown orange variety in the world and is thought to have come from Portugal. Trees are productive, large and vigorous with an upright growth habit. Fruit are medium size, have thin rind, mature late and keep well on the tree. The lateness of maturity means that the skin may re-green. Valencias are most important for the juice market as the juice has excellent processing characteristics.

Many selections available in Australia including Benyenda, Berri, Casey, Jenner, Keenan-3125, Keenan-3247 and Smith.

Other Common Oranges 

Many other varieties are available but few are grown commercially because of established markets for navels and Valencia. Many are more suited to processing than fresh consumption. Some of the more common include Hamlin, Parson Brown, Pera (Olimpia), Pera (Limeira), Pineapple and Salustiana.

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