Markets for WA citrus

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Almost all of WA citrus fruit is sold in the local market. Fruit has been sent to export markets since 2015 and is increasing.

Domestic market

WA citrus is marketed under a variety of brands. Local growers have their own 'stickers' identifying their company or region, for example Westralia Fruit, Gingin Citrus, Yambellup Estate, Moora Citrus, Sandgroper, Harvey Citrus and AGRIFresh.

In the 1980s a campaign promoting citrus using a blue sticker with a WA birthmark symbol made WA fruit easily identifiable. This sticker is still used.

Buy West Eat Best is another brand that some producers and citrus products use to identify their origin.

Export market

Export markets for WA citrus are determined by a number of factors such as price received, volume and quality required. Different destinations have different market access requirements. For example, China, Thailand and Korea have specific work plans that outline the necessary steps that growers and packhouses must use in order to access their market. These requirements can bring extra costs.

Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, for example, require phtyosanitary certification without further treatments. Easier access to markets can mean more competition.

Other information on markets

Citrus Australia and Horticulture Innovation Australia have programs developing market access, export market development and citrus promotion. WA Citrus also undertakes promotional activities for the WA citrus industry.


Bronwyn Walsh