Citrus rootstocks for Western Australia

Page last updated: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 - 8:09am

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Sweet orange

Seedlings of sweet orange have been used as rootstocks around the world for many years. Although widely used in the Sunraysia and Riverland in early plantings, it has not been widely used in WA because of its susceptibility to phytophthora root and collar rot, and citrus nematode.

Sweet orange does best on well-drained, deep sandy soils and can tolerate calcareous soils. It is sensitive to dry conditions and will not tolerate waterlogging. Fruit quality is generally good. It is tristeza- and exocortis-tolerant but not suitable for replant sites.


No incompatibilities have been reported.

Local experience

This stock has rarely been used in WA and very little local information is available. It did not perform well in a Newhall navel rootstock demonstration block in West Gingin.

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