Citrus rootstocks for Western Australia

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Benton citrange

This rootstock was developed by a NSW Department of Primary Industries rootstock-breeding program and selected for its tolerance to root rots (Phytophthora spp.) and compatibility with Eureka lemon. It is a hybrid of Ruby Blood sweet orange and trifoliate orange (P. trifoliata) and seed was first released to industry in 1984.

This stock has not been used in any volume in WA and it is likely that it will be superseded by Cox mandarin hybrid as a stock for Eureka because it is easier to grow and propagate in the nursery.

Benton produces trees with similar vigour to Troyer and Carrizo but there have been mixed results from trial plantings. It has performed well in some trials with Eureka, while other trials with oranges have been less encouraging. It is Phytophthora and tristeza-tolerant.


No reported incompatibility with Eureka lemon. It is compatible with most orange and mandarin varieties.

Local experience

This stock has not been extensively used in WA and not a lot of local information is available. Local nurserymen have described it as being difficult to propagate.

Contact information

Kevin Lacey
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