Christine Zaicou-Kunesch
Research Officer
Christine Zaicou-Kunesch

My role in the department

I lead the ‘Tactical wheat agronomy for the west’ project which is focussed on profitable production of a commodity important as a food source across the world. We work with industry to:

  • Deliver updated decision support information that illustrates the effect of key agronomic management practices on wheat varieties that are available or near to release.
  • Ensure research issues are identified in conjunction with the GRDC Frontline Agronomy Reference Group
  • Conduct project activities in collaboration with grower groups to facilitate improved knowledge of research.

One key to the success of this state-wide project is the excellent team of researchers and technical officers based at Geraldton, Northam, Merredin, Katanning, Esperance and Perth. They provide good linkages to grower groups, other research projects and industry representatives.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9956 8549
+61 (0)408 459 603

My background

The grains industry is an exciting one, with many opportunities and challenges. Addressing these with industry has been my focus and privilege since beginning work at the department in 1990. My first role was developing integrated weed management options for brome grass, followed (for the next five years) by a focus on wheat industry communications. I then managed the statewide canola industry development project which was the beginning of formally improving my project management skills (through both training and experience). I moved into research again in the mid-2000s concentrating on wheat agronomy research and am now leading wheat agronomy research directions through project development and ongoing project management.


  • Tactical wheat agronomy for the west - DAW00249
  • Early seeding – a climate change adaptation method in the north east agricultural region of WA - DAW00253

Key Expertise

Grains research, Industry development, project management, communications, people leadership.


  • Dip Project Management, Central Institute of Technology, 2012
  • Dip of Business (Frontline Management), Modal, 2004
  • BS in Agriculture with Honours, University of Western Australia, 1988