Ambar - an early flowering desi chickpea with ascochyta blight resistance

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Agronomic characteristics

The agronomy of growing Ambar is similar to all current Australian chickpea varieties.

Ambar has the following agronomic characteristics:

  • Ambar is the earliest flowering and earliest maturing variety of the current varieties in southern Australia.
  • Similar plant height to PBA Slasher.
  • Like PBA Slasher, Ambar is a short, bushy semi-prostrate plant type.
  • Lodging has not been seen in any trials in WA including trails where Ambar has yielded more than four tonnes per hectare (t/ha).
  • Ambar has robust resistance to ascochyta blight as found over several years of testing in WA and in variable environment is India and New South Wales.
Table 1 Agronomic features of desi chickpea varieties
Variety Seed weight (g/100) Seed colour Flowering time Maturity time Plant height Lodging
Ambar 16 light brown early early short-med MR
Neelam 17 brown mid mid med-tall MR
PBA Slasher 21 brown mid mid medium MS
Genesis 836 17 light brown mid mid-late tall MR
Table 2 Disease resistance of desi chickpea varieties
Variety Ascochyta blight resistance Ascochyta rating Botrytis grey mould
Ambar R 3.8 S
Neelam R 3.9 S
PBA Slasher R 4.1 S
Genesis 836 MS 4.8 S