Stocktake of Carbon Farming forum

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The Stocktake of Carbon Farming forum was hosted by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in Perth on Thursday, 10 February 2022.

Farmers interested in carbon farming projects joined carbon investors, grower groups, NRMs, Indigenous business owners and researchers to explore the complexities and opportunities of carbon farming in Western Australia.

The Forum was attended by approximately 170 delegates and was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on carbon farming from a diverse range of stakeholders.

Presentations included:

Carbon Farming Overview

Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Hydrogen Industry.

State of Play - What’s happening and what’s next?

This session provided delegates with an overview on what is happening and what’s next for carbon farming. Four carbon farming initiatives looking to partner with the farming community to develop carbon farming projects for farmers were spotlighted

  • Steve Purse, Carbon Development Manager, Woodside Energy
  • Jonathon Bloch, Executive Director – Resources Energy Infrastructure, ANZ
  • Catherine Patterson, Head of Partnerships, Carbon Positive Australia
  • Lachy Ritchie, CEO, The Carbon Farming Foundation.

Key note presenter - Ground Breaking

Phil Mulvey, CEO/Author, Carbon Count

Phil Mulvey is co-author of Ground Breaking: Soil Security and Climate Change. This broad ranging session reviewed land clearing and overuse of fertilisers and their impact on soil health, productivity and the small water cycle.

Biodiversity and Co-Benefits:

This session spotlighted the State Government’s Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program and four carbon farming initiatives in action by farmers across the South West Land Division. It explored biodiversity and how carbon farming activities can be integrated into the farm business and operations.

A breakout interactive session enabled delegates to explore and provide feedback on the emerging innovations and challenges for agriculture.

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