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Canola research conducted in WA is been presented in a number of online platforms. This page lists key publications and includeds link to allow easy access. 

More information

DPIRD  webpages

DPIRD's Canola landing page

Canola agronomy research bulletin

Canola seed rate calculator

Estimating size of retained canola seed to help use the seeding rate calculator

Critical nutrient levels for canola

MyCrop canola diagnostic tool

Canola time of sowing information

Essentials for growing a successful canola crop

Canola variety guide for WA


Canola seed rate calculator. The easy way to calculate canola seed rate for a given target density from germination percentage, field establishment, and seed size.

Canola seed rate information. Further information on choosing seed rates so you can make best use of the seeding rate calculator.

Estimating the size of retained canola seed. How to estimate the size of canola seed using a ruler.


Critical nutrient levels for canola. How much of each plant nutrient does canola need, and how to recognise deficiencies.

MyCrop canola diagnostic tool. Helps diagnose pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.

Canola sowing time information. Modelled optimum sowing dates for canola across a wide range of wheatbelt locations. and how modelled sowing time response compares with field trial results

Essentials for growing a successful canola crop. The title says it all!

Canola variety guide. The most up-to-date information on canola varieties surrently available in Western Australia.


Research Update articles

Dhammu H, Seymour M (2018). Herbicide tolerance of canola varieties – a summary.

Farre I, Seymour M, Harries M, French B, Bucat J (2018). Optimising grain yield of canola in Western Australia accounting for the risk of frost and heat stress.

Harries M, French B, Seymour M, Boyce S (2018). Canola yield and heat stress in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Harries M, Shea G (2018). Comparing canola and lupin varieties by time of sowing in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Davey M, Bucat J (2017). Canola National Variety Trial Results 2016.

Harries M, Seymour M, Bucat J, French B, Sprigg S (2017). Agronomy for early sown canola.

French B (2017). Do Australian canola cultivars differ in their tolerance of soil Al?

Harries M, Seymour M (2017). Canola establishment: seed depth, seed size and hybrid vs OP.

Harries M, Seymour M (2017). Is it worth switching to a longer season canola variety when you sow in March? - very early sown canola variety trial, Wongan Hills

Harries M, Seymour M, Boyce S (2017). Seeding uniformity and canola yield.

Malik R, Seymour M (2017) Nitrogen rates and timing in high rainfall canola in Western Australia.

Harries M, Micic S, Seymour M (2016). Reassessing canola yield loss to aphids.,_Svetlana_et_al_-_Reasse...

Zhang H, Berger J, Seymour M, Brill R, Quinlan R, Knell G (2016). Canola hybrids vs OPs: which one wins and where?

French B, Bucat J, Seymour M, Malik R, Harries M (2016). Open pollinated canola still a better option than hybrid or retained hybrid seed in low rainfall areas.,_Jackie_et_al_-_Open_pol...

Harries M, Seymour M (2016). Canola variety by time of sowing in the Northern Region.,_Martin_et_al_-_Canola...

Harries M, Seymour M (2016). Precision placement of canola seed, can we get the same or better yield from less seed?,_Martin_et_al_-_Precis...

Harries M, Seymour M, Pinkney C, Suckling K, Cripps B, Forde R (2015). Wide row canola why bother; a summary of a series of small plot and farmer trials and farmer experiences.

Seymour M, Sprigg S, French B, Malik R, Bucat J, Harries M (2015). Timing of nitrogen for canola in lower rainfall areas in WA.

Seymour M, French B, Malik R, Bucat J (2014). Plant density of canola in the low and medium rainfall regions of Western Australia.

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