Canola nitrogen trials

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The Tactical Break Crop Agronomy project has many canola agronomy trials each year. A key research theme has been exploring how late nitrogen can be applied to canola. There have been 26 nitrogen trials from 2013 to 2016 and this page presents the list of locations and reports from these trials.

Canola nitrogen trial locations

The focus of the N series was to determine if timing of top-up N had an effect on the grain yield, oil and gross margin response of canola to N. In general we found that if some N was applied in the first eight weeks after sowing (WAS), top-up N could be applied at 12WAS in lower rainfall areas and up to 14-16WAS in higher rainfall areas and provide a similar N response to the same rate of N applied earlier.

Table 1 Canola nitrogen trials locations and links to reports
Trial type Location Year Code Report link
N timing Buntine east 2014 14WH10 Report
N timing Chapman 2014 14CH26 Report
N timing Cunderdin 2014 14NO17 Report
N timing Dalwallinu 2013 13WH13  
N timing Grass Patch 2013 13ED11  
N timing Holt Rock 2013 13GS21  
N timing Holt Rock 2014 14GS11  
N timing Merredin 2013 13MR11  
N timing Merredin 2014 14MR18 Report
N timing Salmon Gums 2013 13ED12  
N timing Salmon Gums 2014 14ED15 Report
N timing Wongan Hills 2014 14WH11 Report
N timing Ogilvie 2014 14CH27 Report
N splitting Cunderdin 2013 13NO28  
N splitting Eradu 2013 13CH23  
N splitting Gibson 2013 13ED15  
N splitting Gibson 2014 14ED13 Report
N splitting Gibson 2015 15ED22 Report
N splitting Katanning 2013 13GS23  
N splitting Kojonup west 2013 13GS22  
N splitting Kojonup west 2014 14GS10 Report
N splitting Kojonup west 2016 16KA25  
N splitting Wittenoom Hills 2013 13ED14  
N splitting Wongan Hills 2013 13WH14  


This work was produced through the Tactical Break Crop Agronomy project, which is jointly funded by Grains Research and Development Corporation and Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia.

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