Canola blackleg spore shower risk forecast for Western Australia – 8 June 2017

The map below shows the current predicted dates of spore maturation and consequently the predicted risk of matching spore release with the susceptible stage of the crop. Spore showers will commence soon after the spores are mature in the fruiting bodies. The current forecast is based on weather data (January to 7 June 2017) from the nearest weather station. Projections are based on an assumption of four millimetres (mm) of rainfall per week from now on.

Blackleg spore maturity forecast for Western Australia

Blackleg spore maturity forecast for Western Australia
Map showing predicted dates of canola blackleg spore maturity (dates) and the relative current risk of spores coinciding seedling stage (coloured circles) based upon Blackleg Sporacle Model outputs for various locations in Western Australia (updated 8 June 2017).

What does this map show?

  • Location specific spore maturity prediction date (that is, 26/4 means that spores are expected to be mature and to begin spreading from stubble to canola seedlings on 26 April, based on rainfall to date and anticipated rainfall of at least 4mm per week in the coming weeks at that location).
  • Different coloured circles indicate the current risk of blackleg (red: high, pink : high- moderate, black: moderate, blue: low and green: very low)

An accessible version of this table is available.

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