Canola blackleg spore maturity forecast for Western Australia

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This prediction is based on output from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's (DPIRD) blackleg sporacle model. Blackleg sporacle forecasts the development of ascospore maturity on canola residues from previous crops based on weather conditions. The current forecast is based on actual weather data from the nearest weather station from January 2020 until the date of the current forecast. Projections are based on an assumption of four millimetres (mm) of rainfall per week from now on.

The risk of spore showers in districts where spores have not yet matured will change as the season progresses. Therefore, keep visiting the website every week for the latest information.

The predicted maturity date can help growers to consider all the available management options and decide if any fungicide application (seed dressing/fertiliser applied/foliar) is warranted. Disease pressure (regional and paddock - specific) will vary depending on timing of spore release, varietal resistance, and paddock situation based on history of (canola) rotation and proximity to last year's infected canola crop.

Current risk forecast 2020

BlacklegCM-Blackleg Management App

BlacklegCM is a tool designed to assist growers and consultants to determine the best and most profitable management strategy to reduce blackleg disease and increase profits.

BlacklegCM accounts for the major factors that influence blackleg severity. The user can specify factors relating to paddock selection, seasonal conditions, prices and management options so that the output relates to their cropping circumstance. Therefore, the user can explore their options for disease control and understand the relative importance of each factor.

To download the BlacklegCM App, go to the App Store or Google play store from your iPad or Android tablet and search for BlacklegCM or refer to the BlacklegCM page.

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