Khapra beetle - declared pest

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Life stages

Reproduction involves males and females. The development and survival rate depend on quality and availability of food, temperature and humidity. Based on these factors it can have one to nine generations per year.

High humidity slows population build-up yet will help to increase the numbers of other stored product pests which will outcompete it. Females lay 50-100 eggs which are extremely difficult to find.

Larval development usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on conditions. Larvae moult 4-15 times.

The larval stage can last from a month to several years if it enters a period of suspended development (diapause). Pupation always occurs in the last cast skin and this stage lasts 2-5 days.

Adult khapra beetles live 12-25 days, though adults can rarely be found since their offspring quickly devour their bodies for its protein content. Larvae are also capable of surviving without food for several years.

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