School Challenge 2018

Page last updated: Thursday, 10 January 2019 - 4:37pm

As part of Biosecurity Blitz 2018, the department is holding its first ever School Challenge. Sign up now!

The School Challenge is a great opportunity for students to get outside and undertake their own biosecurity surveillance. This activity based challenge engages with schools and parents to encourage students to collaborate with others to build and extend their local pest reporting community.  

The challenge is to get outdoors and report what you find in your local environment, find as many habitats as possible and record as many species as possible.

How to participate

Learn how to make reports

Survey different habitats

Build a reporting community

  • Teach someone else how to make reports using one or all of the apps.
  • Join forces by partnering with another school to cover a wider area and range of habitats.
  • Motivate your shire and local clubs to participate.
  • Learn about Recognised Biosecurity Groups in your area.
  • Devise your own survey to target a biosecurity pest.

Why participate?

Every report made for the Biosecurity Blitz 2018 School Challenge goes towards helping protect our agriculture and food industries. In addition to this students get the opportunity to:

  • Have fun and connect with nature.
  • Learn about the importance of biosecurity.
  • Better understand their local environment and the organisms within it.
  • Develop their critical thinking skills through data analysis.
  • Build relationships with other schools and community groups.


Individual prizes will be awarded for:

  • a report of a new or unrecorded species
  • a new pest record
  • best macro photo
  • most reports made.

School prizes will be awarded for:

  • best extension with other schools and/or the community (via social media or other outreach)
  • most reports made in an area (by post codes)
  • most participating students.

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