Recognised Biosecurity Groups

Recognised Biosecurity Groups are formally recognised groups which control pests that impact on public and private interests.

The Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act (2007) (BAM Act) enables the Minister to recognise groups as Recognised Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) for the purpose of controlling declared pests at a landscape scale across tenure. RBGs provide a mechanism to enable landholders and managers to develop a coordinated approach to control and manage declared pests in their area.

RBGs are the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's (DAFWA) preferred partnership arrangement for the management and control of declared pests.

The work undertaken by RBGs is intended to add value to pest control undertaken by individual landholders and is not intended to replace individual responsibilities.

Declared Pest Rates

RBGs, with the agreement and support of landholders in their prescribed area, can request the Minister for Agriculture and Food to levy rates on properties in the area to fund declared pest control activities.

The Office of State Revenue (OSR) is responsible for issuing and collecting the Declared Pest Rates (DPR). In September each year, annual rate assessment notices (invoices) are issued. Collected rate funds are deposited monthly into the Declared Pest Account (DPA) which is administered by DPIRD. To make a payment for a Declared Pest Rate invoice issued by OSR go to the OSR webpage.

Rates are matched dollar-for-dollar by State Government funds and transferred to the DPA. Funds are then disbursed from the DPA to RBGs to fund approved operations for the control of declared pests.

Membership of RBGs

RBGs are incorporated associations managed exclusively by a committee comprised of association members. RBGs have full and associate membership.

Full membership is open only to ratepayers within the RBG area of operation, issued with a Declared Pest Rate assessment, provided the assessment is paid in full within 12 months of its issue date.

Associate membership is available to any public authority and other corporate body that is responsible for the care, control or management of land within the RBG area of operation, or conducts significant activities on land in the area.

DPIRD provides support to RBGs through advice on governance, development of annual operational plans, assisting with community consultation, technical advice and operational support.


Barney Dzowa
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
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Mike Shaw, Chairman
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Justin Steadman, Chairman
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Bill Currans, Executive Officer
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Goldfields Nullarbor

Trevor Hodshon, Chairman
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Ashley Dowden, Chairman
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