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A collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding reporting with MyPestGuide™ Reporter.

Q. How is the information I report being used?

A. Your data is compiled with other data from the same state collected by the public to help verify whether or not the state has certain unwanted pests relevant to Australia's import and export trade markets. Information received also helps detect and monitor the spread of new species so we can help to protect our terrestrial and aquatic environments and the industries that depend on them.

Q. Are my personal details protected?

A. All reports are saved on DPIRD's secure server. With MyPestGuide™, only reports that you have agreed to share are visible to the reporting community once they have being identified by a DPIRD expert. No personal contact details are shared.

Q. Why share reports with the community?

A. Shared reports will help build awareness of pests and allow everyone to learn about species present in their local area.

Q. What is inference reporting?

A. When you report an Australian carpet beetle for example, this 'infers' it is not the exotic 'Khapra beetle'. It shows us that you have made an effort to look for organisms in the same place and that in this instance, only the local species and not the exotic pest was found. By using many inference reports we can calculate the probability exotic pests are unlikely to be present in Australia and keep trade going.

Q. What if I find an exotic pest?

A. If you believe you have found an exotic send us a report via MyPestGuide™ Reporter.
Our experts will confirm if it is an exotic or not. A DPIRD expert will send you the ID of the pest or organism back to your device and by email.
Please do not send live or dead specimens in the mail unless you are instructed to do so.

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