Bedstraw Eradication Program 2017/2018: Report to grain growers

Page last updated: Tuesday, 27 August 2019 - 11:27am

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The Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Management Committee (GSHIMC) believes the current program is delivering the best value for the funding provided and is achieving the project outcomes of containment and eradication.

Approved programs are developed annually for each infested property in consultation with GSHIMC, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and the landholders detailing management actions, estimated costs and timeframes of the agreed actions. 

The two infested properties have now entered the final Release Phase of a nine year eradication program. The program is implemented by DPIRD and includes six consecutive years of winter spray treatments, followed by a three year release protocol and post-eradication monitoring phase. Machinery inspections, quarantining, landholder compliance winter spraying and end of season double-knock herbicide treatments form the key components of the Approved program.

All program milestones have been met and the program has been delivered under budget

Program milestones

  • Both properties are now into the second year (of three) of the “Release Phase” of the Eradication Program.
  • Thorough ground searching has been undertaken on both properties and no plants found in the arable areas of the infested paddocks.
  • No plants have been found on one property since 2014.
  • Cooperation and support by the landholders remains at a high level 
  • Grain sampling through CBH Eyefoss™ analysis has greatly enhanced the program surveillance. To date no new infestations have been detected with this technology.

Contact information

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