Factors affecting grain crop seed germination

Page last updated: Tuesday, 28 November 2023 - 2:20pm

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There are many aspects to consider when seeding grain crops at the break of the season.

One of these is the viability of the seed that you are sowing. It could be very disappointing to go through a long and expensive seeding process only to discover that you need to do it all again with another more viable batch of seed.

This page discusses the conditions at harvest, grain storage, pests, diseases, weed contamination and other factors afftecing seed viability and germination.

Viability of grain for seeding

Seed is a living entity and once it is mature, it will begin to deteriorate. The rate of deterioration depends on;

  • the species
  • initial quality of the seed
  • harvest and handling of the seed
  • storage conditions.

Prior to seeding, get your retained seed tested by a seed testing laboratory such as DDLS Seed Testing and Certification or do your own germination test (see this page).


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