Review Panel terms of reference

Page last updated: Friday, 14 January 2022 - 3:59pm

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A Review Panel is established to review applications for payments made under the Industry Funding Scheme regulations. The Review Panel is comprised of producers and others with an interest in the cattle, sheep/goat, grain/seed or hay industry.

Terms of reference

  1. Act in good faith at all times, and without conflict of interest, to fairly and impartially represent the best interests of the industry concerned and the contributors to the Scheme.
  2. Within three (3) months of referral from the Director General, finally determine all applications for independent review of an earlier decision of the Scheme’s industry Management Committee.
  3. Undertake such other functions related to the operation of the Scheme as the Minister, Industry Management Committee or Director General might request.

The Review Panel convenes when a review of an application for payment, made under the Industry Funding Scheme regulations, is requested.

Members are remunerated, including sitting fees and travel expenses. Sitting fees are currently paid at the following rates:

  • Chair - $490 per day (meetings of more than four hours duration) or $320 per part day
  • Members - $320 per day or $220 per part day.