Recognised Biosecurity Groups: frequently asked questions

Will Declared Species Groups continue to be supported?

Declared Species Groups (DSGs) were originally established as an interim measure to deal with single declared pest species until RBGs could be established. Funding through DPIRD for DSGs ceased in June 2016 and DSGs were advised of this. DSGs can continue to exist in any form. They are not formed under statute and have no obligations to state government unless if they receive public funds.

While DPIRD is keen to support effective groups, as some DSGs are, it needs to ensure that a coordinated community approach to control declared pests is arranged on a more sustainable basis. RBGs are the mechanism to achieve this. If a DSG decides to seek recognition by the Minister, DPIRD will assist in this transition. 

DPIRD is currently working with some existing DSGs to work towards becoming recognised as biosecurity groups. 

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